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What Does Being a Member Mean?

Northwood House Charitable Trust Company Ltd (NHCT Co Ltd) is the Trustee of the Charity.  By becoming a Member you are declaring your support for the objectives of the Charity, which are:

  1. The provision, maintenance and support of a public pleasure garden or park (including the provision of facilities for playing games, sports and other recreational or leisure facilities and amenities) in the area of benefit;
  2. The provision maintenance and support of public amenities for such charitable purposes as the trustee from time to time thinks fit (including the provision of public car parks);
  3. The restoration, preservation and maintenance of those parts of the property of the charity which are of historic or architectural merit or importance.

What are the benefits of Membership?

The main benefit of being a member of NHCT Co Ltd is that it gives people who enjoy the Park and the House and/or who support the Charity, the opportunity to take a part in, contribute to and influence the operation and future development of the charity in a real, practical way – to ‘make a difference’ to an iconic part of Island history, and:

  • Have the opportunity to attend the Annual General Meeting of the Company and/or to vote either in person or by proxy on resolutions properly proposed;
  • Receive an electronic newsletter including advance information about forthcoming events and news about progress of and participation in the restoration and development of the House and Park (paper versions of the newsletter will be available for collection and displayed on a Members’ noticeboard);
  • Have the opportunity to join tours of the House on Members’ Day, with explanation of its historical significance and of the work being undertaken to maintain and restore it;
  • Have access to a pre-booking facility for parking during certain events, including Cowes Week;
  • To have the opportunity to join in Members’ events.

Who can become a Member and what does it cost?

Applications for membership of NHCT Co Ltd are welcome from individuals and organisations from all sections of the Isle of Wight community, both living in and visiting Cowes and the wider Island. 

The Directors wish to minimise the cost of sending documentation to members.  Fees for membership are therefore reduced if members agree to receive communications via electronic means (e.g. email). 

Individual  Adult (a person aged 18 or over): 
method of communication  annual fee:
Standard:  £17.50
Electronic:  £12.50

Young Person  (a person aged under18):
method of communication  annual fee:
Electronic only  £5.00

Couple  (two adults in a settled relationship, e.g. married, in a civil partnership or cohabiting):
method of communication  annual fee:
Standard: £25.00
Electronic:  £20.00

Organisation  General  (an organised group of individuals with a common purpose, e.g.  club or local council, or a commercial company/entity with local presence)
method of communication  annual fee:
Standard:  £30.00
Electronic  £25.00

Not-for-Profit  (groups of individuals or entities which are or are akin to registered charities, or are akin to schools or colleges etc):
method of communication  annual fee:
Standard  £25.00
Electronic  £20.00

Representation and Voting Rights

Members of Northwood House Charitable Trust Company Ltd have voting rights according to the category of membership.  For the purposes of this document, the term ‘members’ always implies ‘paid-up members’; defaulting members who have not paid their subscription are not entitled to vote.

Adult  1 vote 
Couple  if over 18 counts as 2 adult individuals, each having a separate vote
Young Person (under 18):
General  2 votes

Not-for-Profit  2 votes

Termination of membership is in accordance with the Articles